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ISBN 978-1-77171-069-5 The Strong Box (novel) 24.95
published 2014 154 pages

The Strong Box is a dark romp along the undercurrent of ordinary family life. Set in the 70s in Ontario, this short, quirky novel by a usually serious author follows four sisters no longer young as they are dragged, by impending mortality, into a confrontation with the past.

ISBN 1-894800-36-2 The Flourish (novel) 22.95
published 2003 384 pages

With amazing authenticity, the novel gives voice to ‘Chattie,’ Miss Charlotte Spears of Annville, a music teacher and composer torn by duty and desire. Part historical fiction, part murder mystery, The Flourish brings to life an independent woman’s adventures beside the River Clyde in the late 19th century.

ISBN 1-896860-50-8 Line by Line (poetry) 19.95
published 2002 142 page

Line by Line offers a glimpse of poetry in action through the expressive drawings of Heather Spears. Fifty of Canada’s most revered poets contemplate the subject ‘line’ – lines of poetry, landscape or art – each poem accompanied by a portrait capturing the poet in performance.

ISBN 0-921215-93-2 The Panum Poems (poetry) 12.95
published 1996 62 pages

The Panum Poems is a unique volume combining illustrations and poetry on the subject of the facial muscles that give each of us expression. The poems trace the same lines as the drawings do, and the drawings are poems that seek to communicate with a graphic and not a verbal line.