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ISBN 978-1-77171-316-0 7eventy 7even (drama) 23.95
published 2019 100 pages

Pop-up horoscopes. Food trucks for the soul. 7eventy 7even is 77 found micro dramas from the streets, squares and markets of Victoria, B.C. A spinning boy makes his way through the noise of the world.

ISBN 978-1-77171-200-2 Useless Things [Redacted] (fiction) 19.95
published 2016 126 pages

Dumped by his beloved Lostlove, Useless Things is the woeful [redacted] narrative of jazz trumpeter Lewis King. Do we ever get away from the painful truth?

ISBN 978-1-897430-03-3 Spit Delaney's Island: The Play (drama) 25.95
published 2015 116 pages

´╗┐Spit Delaney is a steam locomotive operator at a pulp mill. After decades of rising at 4am to fire up his beloved steam engine, Spit finds himself without a job when the pulp mill replaces “Old Number One” with a modern diesel engine. Spit’s relationship with his family and the world around him is thrown in turmoil as he doggedly tries to hang onto an identity that is no longer relevant. This is the stuff of comedy, and yet it is also the stuff of the human condition.

ISBN 978-1-897430-03-3 Straw Things: Collected Poetry & Song 1963-2007 (poetry) 19.95
published 2008 124 pages

Straw Things is a selection of poetry from a lifetime of writing by the man who Charles Bukowski called “the best goddamned poet in Canada.”

ISBN 1-894800-88-5 The Butcher's Apron (drama) 18.95
published 2006 120 pages

In this two act, dream play comedy, The Butcher's Apron, Charles Tidler presents an alchemical and absurdist portrait of the visionary Swedish playwright August Stringberg. Stringberg has his heart chopped out by a doppleganger and pursues the trail of his most vital organ to the birthplace of Expressionism, 1890s Berlin.

ISBN 1-894800-72-9 Rappaccini’s Daughter (drama) 17.95
published 2005 120 pages

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Rappaccini’s Daughter” (a dark gothic romance story published in 1844, and here adapted by Charles Tidler for the stage), the brilliant professor Giacomo Rappaccini plays God with the laws of nature by building a secret garden in his own image.

ISBN 1-896860-49-4 Jazz Play Trio (drama) 14.95
published 1999 120 pages

Is there more to life than sex, whiskey and painful memories? Jazz Play Trio explores jazz as a metaphor for a life lived with passion and intensity. At the heart of each of the three plays is the non-stop improvised staccato rhythm of speech, the cadence of jazz.