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ISBN 978-1-897430-89-7 Fight Fire With Spirit: Selected & New Poems (poetry) 25.95
published 2012 218 pages

Carolyn Zonailo celebrates the luminous in everyday life in poems of deep listening, dream and observation. In Fight Fire With Spirit: Selected & New Poems, drawn from over twenty years work, Zonailo’s lyric voice paints with clarity and humour a vivid world, at once mythic and recognizable. Nature and place, whether wilderness or urban, are woven into the collection with an ecologist’s awareness of heritage and culture.

ISBN 1-894800-03-6 The Goddess in the Garden (poetry) 14.95
published 2002 88 pages

We’re back in the garden but something’s changed... This is the Garden of the Great Mother Goddess, where the drama of relationships between women (as daughters, mothers, sisters) and between women and men (as lovers and friends) casts as surprising light on the concept of Paradise…

ISBN 1-894800-82-6 the moon with mars in her arms (poetry) 18.95
published 2006 98 pages

A compelling new volume from one of Canada’s most esteemed voices in poetry, the moon with mars in her arms is an important work delving deep into the heart of life, death and rebirth. Starting from Jungian archetypes, Zonailo combines the personal and the universal to evoke eternal truths of the human condition in language both sensual and spare.