About Cherubim Books

Cherubim Books, an imprint of Ekstasis Editions, was formed to publish high-quality books of poetry and imaginative fiction for young readers in all parts of Canada and abroad. Our intention is to produce very attractive and readable books for children in order to promote literacy and creativity in all young readers and pre-readers. We consider the publication of poetry a priority, as relatively few books of poetry for the young are published in Canada.

At Cherubim Books we have a mandate to publish recognized writers and illustrators as well as to draw attention to superb new writers and artists. It is our wish to craft fine books featuring outstanding, innovative works of art.

The principle roles in Cherubim Books are filled by editor Carol Ann Sokoloff and publisher Richard Olafson. Both are well-acquainted with children’s literature and interests. Carol Ann Sokoloff received a Peabody Award in educational radio from the University of Georgia, and often works in schools as a literacy advocate, leading songwriting workshops and performing music for children.