Carol Ann Sokoloff
& Tineke Visser
Anything You Want to Be previous next

Andrea’s mother keeps telling her all the wonderful things she could be and do when she grows up and Andrea imagines herself in many different careers. She joins clubs and studies ballet, tennis, magic... and bugs. But one day Andrea decides that most of all she wants to simply be herself.
This delightful, free verse picture book will encourage children to think of the many opportunites before them and to value themselves for who they are. Tineke Visser’s imaginative illustrations are filled with humour and surprises. Another outstanding collaboration between author and illustrator, following the successful Colours Everywhere You Go. An esteem-building book for ages 5-8, Anything You Want to Be delivers an important message through humour and fun.

Carol Ann Sokoloff is a poet and singer-songwriter who conducts poetry workshops in schools. She is the author of the poetry book Eternal Lake O'Hara and the picture book Colours Everywhere You Go, also illustrated by Tineke Visser.

Tineke Visser is a versatile artist and illustrator, originally from the Netherlands. She teaches painting and has had numerous exhibits.

Both author and illustrator reside in Victoria, BC.

ISBN 978-1-894800-40-2 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-894800-47-1 (paper)
Children’s picture book
32 Pages
$22.95 (hardcover)
$10.95 (paper)
8 x 8