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The ancient study of astrology holds an obvious fascination for teens and can help them understand themselves and others during the challenging adolescent years. Gwenyth Luptak’s Starstruck! offers a simple approach to the zodiac and its symbols, designed to help the teen reader discover astrology’s wisdom and apply it to life. Lighthearted illustrations by the author and thumbnail sketches of the signs and planets describe and reveal the astrological influences at play in the universe. At the back of the book a simplified ephemeris allows the reader to determine the placement of planets at birth and draw up a basic personal chart. All ages will find this a useful and entertaining introduction to the lore of the stars.

Gwenyth Luptak is an artist and astrologer residing in Victoria, BC. Starstruck! is her first book, conceived when sharing her interest in astrology with her teen daughter.

ISBN 1-894800-60-5
ISBN 978-1-894800-60-0
160 Pages
6 x 9
Available October 2006