Ekstasis Noir
Literary gumshoe and mystery fiction from Ekstasis Editions.
Martin S. Cohen

ISBN 1-896860-93-1 Heads You Lose (fiction) 19.95
published 2002 314 pages

Heads You Lose follows Saul Jacobson as he treks across Western Canada with a sullen teenager in tow. Part macabre crime tale, part coming-of-age chronicle, the novel is also a very humourous road story that celebrates the redemptive power of friendship.

Jim Christy

ISBN 1-896860-10-9 Shanghai Alley (fiction) 16.95
published 1997 200 pages

Vancouver, Chinatown, 1936. While the bread lines get longer and the whole world goes crazy, wise-cracking gumshoe Gene Castle has his own worries. In Shanghai Alley, while on the trail of missing union funds, he goes fist to fist with corrupt cops, sleazy politicians and ruthless gangsters.

ISBN 1-896860-86-9 Princess and Gore (fiction) 18.95
published 2000 186 pages

In 1939 the depression is lifting and war is threatening in Europe. Private Eye Gene Castle is back in Vancouver and there’s even a client in his office. The case seems easy enough for a cynic and seasoned gumshoe like Castle – until people start dying.

ISBN 1-894800-08-7 Terminal Avenue (fiction) 19.95
published 2002 200 pages

The war is in full swing and private eye Gene Castle is back on the wet streets of Vancouver. In this third installment of the Vancouver Trilogy Castle has to evade Nazis, a freakishly strong woman and the usual corrupt cops to find the kidnapped daughter of a friend who is involved in the resistance.

ISBN 1978-1-897430-20-0 Nine O'Clock Gun (fiction) 22.95
published 2008 156 pages

In Nine O’Clock Gun, the fourth and final novel of his Gene Castle, hard-boiled Private Eye series, Castle’s back in his room at the faded Rose Hotel, back at his table at Ramona’s Cafe, but the woman in his life has taken her seamed silk stockings and walked. Vancouver is as dangerous as ever, though, and Castle’s just the man to solve the string of murders striking a little too close to home.

Jamie Dopp

ISBN 1-896860-71-0 Prospects Unknown (fiction) 17.95
published 2000 322 pages

The victims are the Soledads, a family of refugees from a South American country. Who had reason to kill them? Who in this town didn’t? Prospects Unknown is a literary thriller that offers a compelling detective story alongside a witty meditation on the relationship between fiction and reality.

Al MacLachlan

ISBN 1-894800-78-8 After the Funeral (fiction) 21.95
published 2006 160 pages

In After the Funeral, a man wakes up beside the lifeless body of a stranger. He has no memory of his own identity or past. Has there been a murder and is he, in fact, the murderer? In this gripping first novel, Al MacLachlan probes the paranoia that leads to insanity, when everything familiar suddenly becomes strange.