Submission Guidelines

About Ekstasis
What Ekstasis publishes
What we look for in a submission
Submission requirements
What happens to your manuscript
Other considerations

About Ekstasis   Ekstasis Editions is a long-standing and reputable literary press which has expanded into a number of specific genres due to an evolution of tastes, market needs and personnel. For an overview of the press’s history click here. All publishers’ lists evolve over time so we invite you to follow our activity by reading popular publishing and literary magazines (Quill & Quire, BC Bookworld, Books in Canada) and by perusing our titles in your local bookstore. It is wise to research any press to which you are submitting to insure they publish in your genre and to your tastes.
What Ekstasis publishes   At Ekstasis Editions we are interested in literary novels, short fiction and poetry, as well as books for children under our new Cherubim Books imprint. We also publish nonfiction titles concerned with alternative approaches to spirituality. Ekstasis Editions is not currently publishing mainstream science fiction/fantasy or mainstream mystery novels, but will consider original works in these genres. We are not considering any romance, detective, western, horror or action/adventure novels, nor any biographies/autobiographies. We normally consider unsolicited submissions from Canadian authors only. To get an idea of what we publish browse our current catalogue, which will give you an overview of our front and backlist titles.
What we look for in a submission

When assessing material we consider the following: quality and originality of the poetry or prose; intriguing plot development; credible dialogue and consistent narrative voice; thematic cohesion; innovations in technique; topical and contemporary content; previous publishing history if any; market niche potential; appeal to a definable audience and compatibility with other titles on our list.

Before submitting carefully proofread your manuscript for spelling and grammatical errors that divert attention from the story. Send clean, double-spaced typed copy, except in the case of poetry, where single-spaced copy is fine. Your full address and telephone number should be on the cover and your name should be on the top right-hand corner of every page.

Submission requirements

Please submit your manuscript with:

  • a cover letter (clearly stating if this is an exclusive or multiple submission);
  • a brief author biography (information regarding previous published material, education, activities in the literary community, topical contacts);
  • a brief synopsis, where appropriate, of plot development, key events, central characters, and setting;
  • an approximate page or word count of the finished manuscript;
  • a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient Canadian postage for return;
  • first 3 chapters (maximum 50 pages) of a work of fiction or nonfiction. A sample of 20 poems is sufficient for poetry manuscripts. Please send full stories for collections (two or three will do). Never submit original art or text. Please note that we will not proceed to the next step, acceptance for publication, until we have the full manuscript, as we cannot take the risk of accepting work sight unseen.
What happens to your manuscript All unsolicited submissions are recorded by date of arrival and will be dealt with in that order. As many as three editors in house will evaluate your manuscript. We aim to reply to all queries within three months but please remember that Ekstasis Editions receives hundreds of submissions every year, and that at any given time we have already accepted the manuscripts that will be published over the following year or two. If we take longer than three months to assess your submission write to us and we will reply as promptly as possible.
Other considerations

Unfortunately, we do not have the staff or the time to give you extensive reasons for rejection. If you have any questions or need clarification write us at Box 8474, Main Postal Outlet, Victoria, B.C. V8W 3S1 and we will try to elaborate on our previous comments.

Ekstasis Editions strongly encourages that these guidelines be followed as closely as possible as compliance has proven most efficient for both author and publisher, and in most cases ensures quick and comprehensive evaluation. This is a process we take seriously, but it should be a cooperative effort.

Thank you for considering Ekstasis Editions. We invite you to study the literary and book trade magazines each season for news, views and reviews about the press and its publishing ventures. We look forward to your submission.