New alternatives in literary fiction.
Paulo da Costa

ISBN 1-894800-07-9 The Scent of a Lie (fiction) 18.95
published 2002 132 pages

Out of print.

Set in two charismatic towns in Portugal, The Scent of a Lie is a magic realist book of fourteen intertwined stories. Characters weave in and out of their connected lives in a setting that encourages metaphysical longing. This is a remarkable debut collection of tales told by a true storyteller.

James Eke

ISBN 1-896860-98-2 Falling Backwards (fiction) 19.95
published 2002 210 pages

A man out for a jog one day decides to keep on running. He leaves his old meaningless life behind but what else is there? There are signs all around him but only when he seems to hit bottom on Vancouver’s Lower East Side does he know that he hasn’t yet run far enough.

Christopher McPherson

ISBN 1-894800-13-3 Bone Island (fiction) 19.95
published 2002 240 pages

When the reclusive novelist Homer Knee turns up dead on the shores of his Bone Island home, it turns out his latest manuscript is also missing. When his son Larry finds the manuscript it sets him off on a journey that will test his loyalties and threaten the very fabric of his life.

ISBN 1-896860-35-4 Dragons (fiction) 14.95
published 1998 140 pages

In Dragons a kidnapped woman wakes up chained in a dark cave and begins to record her thoughts. Locked in a dance of intimacy with her captor, the darkness and the isolation begin to consume her and the barrier between reality and dream blurs.

Peter Such

ISBN 1-894800-57-5 Earthbaby (fiction) 21.95
published 2004 350 pages

It's 2039, some years after the great die-off, and the American Protectorates are in turmoil. Andrew Tremaine, last civilian head of NASA, struggles to prevent Earthbaby, the first deep-space habitat in solar orbit between Earth and Mars, from becoming a missile launching pad in what is quickly turning into a civil war.