Charles Tidler

7eventy 7even
77 Found Micro Dramas

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Pop-up horoscopes. Food trucks for the soul. 7eventy 7even is 77 found micro dramas from the streets, squares and markets of Victoria, B.C. A spinning boy makes his way through the noise of the world.

“Yes, Tidler! Man, that's a work of genius. It's like Nietzschean aphorisms churned through a perfect literary plot machine!”
~ Peter Babiak, author of Garage Criticism

"This is the weirdest shit you’ve written yet. And I really enjoyed Hard Hed! You’ve got an ear.”
~ David Lenham, local pundit & boulevardier

“Best damn poet in Canada.”
~ Charles Bukowski

Charles Tidler is a poet, playwright and novelist. Born in Ohio, he grew up in Tipton, Indiana, and earned a B.A. from Purdue, studying literature and philosophy. A Vietnam War draft resister, Charles became a Canadian citizen on the 4th of July, 1976. His writing has won many honours and awards. His most recent work is the novella Useless Things [Redacted], published by Ekstasis Editions in 2016. He lives in Victoria, B.C., and is the father of two sons.

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