Len Gasparini

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Edgewise and Otherwise represents Len Gasparini’s collected essays dating back to the late 1970s. Refreshingly, his critical practice doesn’t attach itself to any school, thereby enabling him to display his erudition like a maverick penman unconstrained by academic convention, and with a whole lot to say about writers such as Raymond Souster, William Faulkner, or obscure subjects like prosody, or current issues like the Anthropocene. There are eighteen pieces in all, including an intimate portrait of Tennessee Williams in 1977.

Len Gasparini quests after the paradoxical. Working within the strictures of language, a vehicle of human selfhood, he strives for states of being beyond that selfhood entirely.
Literary Review of Canada

Moving and universal.
The Toronto Star

Gasparini draws you in with a style that is deceptively straightforward, only to leave you astonished, patting yourself down, pockets empty of all those preconceptions and comfortable assumptions, and wondering how he did it.
Jim Christy, author of The Redemption of Anna Dupree

Len Gasparini is the author of twenty-two books, including fourteen collections of poetry, and five volumes of short stories.


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