Marjorie Bruhmuller

The Bell You Hardly Hear

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Unconventional and candid, Marjorie Bruhmuller compresses personal experience into a taut and informal poetry that conveys exceptional observations. The Bell You Hardly Hear carries in the tune of its pages, a sounding of truth, from a somewhat fringe perspective. Unveiling the humour, simple beauty, and curiosities that this world offers us, and emphasizing the unnoticed in the cacophony of our busy lives, which allows this ringing to strike us with a profound reverberation of appreciation and reverence for life.

Bruhmuller’s impressive debut poetry collection is rich in finely-observed details about country life, from the silvered “crook of the heron’s neck” to the “operatic bellow of a chainsaw.” A consummate wordsmith, Bruhmuller knows how to make her lines sing. The poems in The Bell You Hardly Hear will resound long after you put the book down.
~ Angela Leuck, author of a cicada in the cosmos and Garden Meditations

Sometimes quiet, always attentive, frequently joyful, these are poems that peel back the veneer of the ordinary to reveal a world alive with wonder, tender with the beauty of impermanence, awake to what is most precious and trembling just beneath the surface of our experience. A beautiful first collection.
~ Ann Scowcroft, poet, author of The Truth of Houses

In an era of obsession with virtual reality, Marjorie Bruhmuller eloquently reminds us of the elemental world in which bald-headed eagles are “designed to scour bones,” hills are “tinseled with spider webs,” and emotions cannot always be kept locked in “the closet” of the human heart.
~ Louise Abbott, Filmmaker, Photographer and author of The Coast Way,
The French Shore
and A Country So Wild and Grand

After 13 years of owning and managing her own natural soap business Marjorie Bruhmuller took on writing poetry. She is a part of, and now leads, a writing group that has kept its core members for 20 years. Her latest adventures include writing a mystery novel with a friend and learning to write haiku. Her poems have appeared in over fifty reviews and journals in Canada, the US and Britain. She enjoys life in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada, even in winter. You’ll find her poetry at Tupelo, Orion online, Carte Blanche, Waterstone Review, The Antigonish Review, Room, Event, One Hundred Gourds and Wordless, Haiku Canada 40 years of Haiku.

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