Christopher McPherson

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Is Bone Island a murder mystery? A ghost story? A post-modern wonder tale, grappling with the fundamental questions of our time? All of the above, and more. But mostly it’s a story. A story that has to be told, regardless of the consequences.

An intriguing second novel from the twisted imagination of author Chris McPherson, Bone Island tells the story of a book –– a book called ‘Bone Island’ (the book within this book). When reclusive novelist Homer Knee turns up dead on the shores of his Bone Island home, the manuscript of his last novel turns up… gone. Accusations fly and suspicions abound. But when Homer’s son Larry discovers the manuscript, he uncovers a secret as well — and embarks on a journey which will test his loyalties and threaten the very fabric of his life. Along the way Larry will encounter some unusual characters: a beautiful but dangerous lawyer, a paranoid cross-dressing private eye, a cynical tattoo artist and a saintly illiterate bee-keeper — who just may be his long-lost half brother, if he exists at all… The mystery though revolves around Homer, who in death assumes the significance of both Homer Simpson and Homer the blind poet of antiquity.

Even when he was a small boy, Chris McPherson loved to make up stories. He is the author of a collection of short fiction Everything but the Truth and an experimental novella Dragons (Ekstasis Editions). Chris lives with his family in Victoria, BC where he is a journeyman carpenter and a practicing hypnotherapist. He may often be seen paddling dragonboats and outrigger canoes on the coastal waterways.

ISBN 1-894800-13-3
220 Pages
6 x 9
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