Jim Christy

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A strong second book of poems from the unique voice of Jim Christy, who has been called ‘legendary’ by the Globe & Mail. The jazz riffs of a global wanderer, from Mexico to South Philly, the vernacular of the street mixes with erudite references to international literature in this eclectic collection. A ‘cavatina’ is a short song in the Spanish language. The poems are incantations to shattered memories, run-down havens off the tourist track and the dream of romance – sometimes faded, sometimes bright. In these short songs for long nights, Jim Christy proves that he is a poet of meaning and depth.

Jim Christy has authored numerous books in several genres. He has published poetry, novels, short stories, biography (Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski), non-fiction and journalism. He currently lives in Gibson’s, BC and before that resided in Toronto. Jim Christy is also a visual artist and spoken-word performer whose jazz-poetry from Trans-Siberian Records, includes poems from this book and his first collection The Sunnyside of the Deathhouse (Ekstasis Editions).

ISBN 1-896860-94-X
120 Pages
6 x 9
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