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George Whipple’s new poems dance and move upon the waters of the mind, even as they celebrate the mystery and flow of life. Collage, Whipple’s 14th book, muses on mortality, beauty, childhood, growing up and the continuity of life, delighting in each moment and each breath we take as the poems move from the world of innocence to the world of experience. Whipple is a deep and contemplative poet whose poetry radiates with a sombre delight. The poems are deceptively simple, presenting complex thought in well-crafted and gem-like lyrics where memory and the present fuse in a deep texture of love, praise, a sense of well-being and prayer. In Collage, George Whipple’s poetry sparkles with radiant joy and life-affirming wisdom.

“Whipple is that rarest thing, a true poet, the genuine article.”
Tony Tremblay, ed., The Antigonish Review

“A remarkably assured voice, a model for poets to come.”
W. J. Keith in the Journal of Canadian Poetry

“I’ve been reading your work with constant delight and admiration.”
A. F. Moritz

“Your voice is strong and pure as you tackle the big themes.”
John B. Lee

“So much talent and sophistication, an absolute delight to read and reread.”
David Staines, ed., Journal of Canadian Poetry

George Whipple was born in Saint John, NB, grew up in Toronto, and since 1985 has lived in Burnaby, BC, writing, sketching and translating French poetry. He is a member of the League of Canadian Poets; is listed in Contemporary Authors and the Literary Guide to Toronto; was profiled in Canadian Author, and Writer’s Market, (USA), and extensively interviewed for the Antigonish Review (see the interview in issue 144, archived at His complete poems, sketches and miscellaneous papers are archived in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto. This is his 14th book of poetry.

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