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In an eerily possible near future, the American empire seeks to dominate the world through the weaponization of space. By manipulating the voting system in the American protectorates (which include Canada), General Foreman and his privatized army of Lifeist Christian soldiers has engineered a military coup. It is up to the last civilian head of NASA, former Canadian Andrew Tremaine, to help the resistance forces save his cherished space station, Earthbaby, and its crew. On the station, Earthbaby’s Social Dynamics Officer, Lillith Shawnadithit, faced with unexpected crises and betrayals, inspires the crew to prevent Earthbaby from becoming Foreman’s military platform for space domination — with surprising results.
In a gripping tale, as researched and thought-provoking as his classic Canadian novel Riverrun, Peter Such probes the psychological as well as physical, religious and cultural changes about to overwhelm North American society in the next few decades. Earthbaby transports us to a world of bizarre social interactions in the isolation of deep space in a future fragmented by cults and factions, numbed by technology, yet striving for meaning.

Peter Such was born in England and came as a youngster to Canada in 1953. He worked loading freightcars for the Canadian National Railways and in uranium mines at Elliot Lake. He was a working class member of “the group that revitalized Canadian Literature in the ’70s…no one in Canadian Literature is as eclectic as Peter Such” (Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature). He has written tv series, film documentary, drama, opera librettos, academic works, poetry, short stories, nonfiction and novels. He is also a founder/publisher of Impulse magazine and a former editor of Books in Canada. He is married to artist Joyce Kline. After many years of working in other genres he completed his new novel, Earthbaby, while living in Finland, courtesy of an award from the Finnish Academy.

Out of print
ISBN 1-894800-57-5
Future thriller
350 Pages
6 x 9
Out of print