Tom Henihan

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The lyrical voice of Irish-Canadian poet Tom Henihan resounds in the pages of A Further Exile. His latest collection of poems contains a series of meditations on love, loss and human emotions in relation to the experience of the wilderness and the cycles of nature. His work has been called “an elaborate woven text of deep images and profound resonance.” A companion to A Mortar of Seeds (his earlier volume of poetry from Ekstasis) with A Further Exile Tom Henihan once again proves to be a poet of substance with a notable musicality in conjunction with a penetrating intellectual clarity. A distinguished addition to the canon of Canadian poetry!

Originally from Limerick City, Ireland, Tom Henihan has lived in Canada for the past twenty years. He is currently residing in Victoria, BC (the poetry capitol of Canada) where his work has been very well received at readings and literary events. This is his third published collection. His earlier works include Between the Streets (1992) and A Mortar of Seeds (Ekstasis, 1997).

ISBN 1-894800-04-4
72 Pages
6 x 9
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