Deborah L. Kelly

Glass Houses

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Glass Houses is about the underbelly, the darkness of society, with threads of light woven throughout its fabric. It poetically portrays the stealth of darkness: slowly, insidiously beginning its rise to prophecy. Glass Houses brings to light all those things society frantically sweeps under the collective carpet, until one with courage jumps on the dust and bares the dark side of humanity’s Truth.

“Buckle Up Your Seatbelt” as you prepare to read this new book of poetry that will take you for “one helluva ride” through the lies, greed, looting and violence of the tyranny spreading across the planet. Dedicated to our ancestors, it ignores current censorship messages in its search for truth and “the Divine light of guidance.” On the side of those whose lives have been broken and who suffer in silence the cruelties imposed on them, she is faithful to Gaia. The book is her strong peace sign: Change or suffer the consequences.
~ Lilija Valis, Award-Winning Poet, Author of Freedom on the Fault Line

A beautiful epitaph for a once beautiful world! Do not sit in dark places as you read Glass Houses! Find an enclave of comfort and light and allow your ‘memory’ to envision lovely Mother Earth as she was promised from our first beginnings. As you delve deeper within the pages, hold fast to your vision ‘ere it is torn asunder, truth by truth until all that remains is darkness and despair. Hold fast to comfort and light. Reach out for unity and strength.Pray for hope and salvation. In the words of the author…”Buckle up, we’re in for one helluva ride!”
~ Phil Ransom, Poet, Organizer/Host, Holy Wow Poets, Maple Ridge, BC

Deborah Kelly has been writing poetry for more than 40 years. Having found poetry in her teenage years, she discovered it helped her to cope with the conditions around her during her youth. Over the years, Deborah has written upwards of a thousand works, and began to recite and experience other aspects of the wonderful and healing world of poetry in 2010. Ms Kelly is the author of 5 published books of poetry, and one Chapbook; both in Canada and Internationally; she always enjoys a new challenge. An award winning poet and short story writer, she lives in the beautiful forests, edging on the Land of the Midnight Sun, in Prince George, BC. It is here Deborah spends her time writing, gardening, and breathing in the delights of her beautiful grandchildren. Glass Houses is her sixth book of poetry.

ISBN 978-1-77171-442-6
76 pages
6 x 9
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