Terry Ann Carter

Haiku in Canada:
History, Poetry, Memoir

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From the haikukai circles of British Columbia's internment camps to the seminal Canadian anthologies edited by George Swede, Dorothy Howard and André Duhaime, and Marshall Hryciuk, to the avant-garde elements of Gregory Betts’s Haikube, and Gary Barwin and derek beaulieu's frogments in the frag pool, Terry Ann Carter has given haiku a wide sweep in the pages of Haiku in Canada. Featuring over 175 poets, including translated poems from French Canada, her labour over a decade has resulted in a tour de force of history and poetry.

Terry Ann Carter’s book is a revelation. I can only slap my forehead and cry, “Why didn’t we have something like this earlier!” Fun and involving, a potpourri of carefully researched history, key documents and poems, and personal memoir, Haiku in Canada is must-read for everyone interested in the evolution of North American haiku.
~ Charles Trumbull
former president of the Haiku Society of America
former editor of Modern Haiku

Poet and paper artist Terry Ann Carter is the author of six collections of long form poetry, two haiku guidebooks, and five haiku chapbooks; she has edited four haiku anthologies. As past president of Haiku Canada, founder of and facilitator for KaDo Ottawa (2001-2012) and Haiku Arbutus Victoria Study Group (2014-present), she has given hundreds of haiku and book arts workshops around the world. Tokaido (Red Moon Press, 2017) won a Touchstone Distinguished Book Award, and in 2019, she was a judge for the first International Haiku Contest for the city of Morioka, Japan.

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