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Steve McCabe’s poetry crackles with an ever-modulating music of obsession, a constant flow of sudden maxims of revelation, radioed to us from the beyond of art, love, and freedom. This is poetry that breathes the true spirit of the avante garde: joyous, exploratory, improvisational, full of pleasure and adventure, fantasy and insight.
—A.F. Moritz

A new collection of poems by Toronto multidisciplinary artist Steven McCabe, Hierarchy of Loss explores the concept of negative space. Wind, dreams, memory, mirrors, night, and touch – all link the poet with absence. Here is a cinematic landscape where words are erased because, ‘there’s too much moonlight on the page.’ Loss and disappearance permeate both visible and unseen reality in this collection of new work from the author of Jawbone.

Steven McCabe is a poet and multidisciplinary artist originally from the American middle-west now living in Toronto. He is the author of Jawbone (Ekstasis Editions 2004), Wyatt Earp in Dallas: 1963 (Seraphim Editions 1995) and Radio Picasso (watershed Books 1999). He has exhibited works on canvas, paintings on paper, collaborative artworks, mixed media sculpture, and video. He teaches visual art and creative writing workshops in both private and public schools.

ISBN 978-1-894800-94-5
96 Pages
6 x 9
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