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Jude Neale’s latest collection of poetry, Impromptu, grew from an International Poetry Month challenge that required the writer to respond to a daily prompt, creating a poem each day for one month. The resulting selections were so compelling that Jude continued past the 30-day limit with prompts of her own, producing in 47 days a book that is fresh, insightful, and vital, venturing far beyond what initially started as a simple writing exercise. This volume is a 21st Century exploration of the infinite mystery of love and light, taking the reader on a journey encompassing surrealism, sonnets, haiku, and many other poetic forms. It was a labour of deep inspiration, that will hopefully nudge other writers to forge new paths in their creative endeavors. Like Jude’s five previous books, this volume was written solely on her iPhone.

Jude Neale makes nimble mockery of the harsh aphorism that teachers teach because they cannot do. In this clever and stylish collection of Impromptu verses, she’s conjured a set of poems that pleases the spirit and prompts the questing imagination.
~ Nick Bantock, author of the popular Griffin and Sabine book series

Jude Neale’s new collection, Impromptu, is a series of poems inspired by writing prompts that rise above the level of poetic exercises to offer moments of luminous transcendence and deep emotional resonance. “If I lost my voice I would learn to give with my hands,” writes Neale. “It would be enough for me to dress in white to marry the world again.” These are poems that give with hands and heart.
~ Rachel Rose, Vancouver, Canada, former Poet Laureate, and author of
Giving My Body to Science, Notes on Arrival and Departure, and Song and Spectacle

These clear, compassionate responses to 47 imaginative prompts leave you smiling and shaken. Neale’s images are anchored with a sense of grace and light that at times reaches the metaphysical in a fashion dared by few other voices in the forest of poetry out there.
~ Trevor Carolan, author of In Formless Circumstance and New World Dharma

Jude Neale is a Canadian poet, flash fiction writer, opera singer, retired master teacher, spoken word performer, editor and mentor. She has been shortlisted, highly commended and finalist for many international and national competitions. She has written eight books.

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