Gaëtan Brulotte
Translated by Steven Urquhart

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This is a collection of twelve short stories that all deal with the notion of happiness, but each in a different way and form. Among the themes that are analyzed: seduction, eroticism, heterosexuality, homosexuality, human behavior in the corporate world, social problems. Characters include a teacher and a student, a judge and welfare people, a bus driver, a pop star, boss and workers, psychopaths and therapists.
Funny, thought provoking and witty, Life Sideways is most definitely a collection of short stories for the ages. While retaining a certain French-Canadian specificity when examined closely, the volume is comprised of a series of stories that are nothing less than universal in their content, scope and appeal.
~ Translator Steven Urquhart, from the Foreword

“The form of these stories is somewhat exploded, fragmented, and each page shows a remarkable mastery of the genre and its codes. In short, as always in Brulotte's fiction, the collection is nicely wrapped with finesse, intelligence and inspiration. Most of all, it is spiced up with this corrosive, yet discreet, humor, a trademark of this great master of the genre.”
~ Stanley Péan, Le Libraire

“Daily life is analyzed here with a very lively gift of observation, an incomparable sharpness, a humoristic finesse, and acid irony and sarcasm.” (…) His collection is a jewel. Please read it!”
~ Gilles Dorion, Québec français

Born in Canada, Gaëtan Brulotte has traveled extensively around the world and lived in the USA and France. He is known for his unconventional essays and innovative creative writing. He is considered a master of short story genre. His award-winning works have been anthologized, translated into many languages, staged at dramatic festivals, adapted for screen, television, and radio.

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