Gundula Mogerman

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Poems and life with angels is an invitation to enter into a new, intimate and inspiring relationship with the celestial presence un unexpected yet familiar forms. Proceed with care, pause for reflection, smile of weep in recognition of her poetic personalities. - Valerie Pusey, Full Circle Studio Arts

Poet and artist Gundula Mogerman spent her early years in a wild garden. The angel who blessed her childhood still travels with her. Its feathers, dipped in the colours of memory, desire and disappointment, give wings to her inspirational response to adversity. - Linda Rogers, Poet Laureate, Victoria, BC

Gundula Mogerman's "angels" are spontaneous manifestations from an inner depth, both personal and universal. They weave throughout, beckoning us into the poetry, and together, words and images offer experiences spanning time and place, touching emotions, memories, spirituality and our interconnectedness. - Fran Willis, Art Consultant, Curator

Gundula Mogerman is an Artist who lives with her husband of forty-three years in Victoria, BC, Canada. She is the mother of four grown sons, and has two grandchildren.

ISBN 978-1-897430-56-9
Poetry w/ art
78 Pages
6 x 9
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