Scott Lawrance
Gregg Simpson

Little Guys

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Growing up within a block of one another, when they weren’t in the forest out back, Gregg & Scott spent days on the living room floor, teleporting and time travelling with their Little Guys through planetary spheres, frontier forts, and medieval castles. They have stayed with the Imaginal through further collaborations, starting with apocolips, in 1967. In Little Guys, they continue their play on behalf of the gods, the small ones, the ones who care not for Big, Here are intertwined words and images from the shores and forests of the Salish Sea, settling into place.

Welcome to a world where less makes more sense, time becomes timeless, and line after line creates magical space. Each page flows and glows with invention and meditation. A unique amusement infuses the collaboration. Simpson and Lawrance synergistically deliver inspired messages of wonder, play, loss, wit, path, mystery, discovery, and gentle beauty. A gem to be treasured again and again.
~ Stephen Roxborough

Poet, Photographer, Editor, Creative Director Scott Lawrance grew up outside on the fringes of Vancouver, B.C. He currently works as a Wilderness Rites-of-Passage facilitator and is busily engaged in encouraging his children and grand-children to get into as much of the good kind of trouble as they can.

Born in Ottawa in 1947, Bowen Island artist Gregg Simpson has been active in visual art, music, video and multi-media performances since the mid-1960s. He was instrumental in the early developments in Vancouver’s 1960s “golden age” of multi-media, such as the Sound Gallery and Intermedia.

ISBN 978-1-77171-350-4
Poetry & Art
60 pages
4.5 x 7
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