Hélène Rioux
Translated by Jonathan Kaplansky

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A woman. No, six women. In a room filled with mirrors. No, in a bar filled with mirrors. The bar of the Melinda Hotel. In Vancouver, in Montreal, in the Magdalen Islands, in Torreblanca. Six facets of a woman passing through, a woman who is free.

Seductively, Éléonore draws the reader into her mystery in these six tales where love is revealed through six great myths: Narcissus, Sisyphus, Persephone, Penelope, Eros and Thanatos. It is rare to read a book so sensually written, filled with the elegant and mysterious spirals of desire, a book of intertwined bodies affirming life and freedom.
~ Jean Royer, Le Devoir

Les miroirs d’Éléonore is a marvellous book […] that evokes a world of dreams. This fine writing is suggestive of what poet René Char called ‘the elegance of shadows.’
~ Guy Cloutier, Le Soleil

Born in Montreal, Hélène Rioux has published poetry, short stories and eight novels. She has won several awards for fiction and translation and received six Governor General’s Award nominations, three for fiction and three for translation. She has translated books by Elizabeth Hay, Yann Martel, Jeffrey Moore and Johanna Skibsrud into French. Her own novels have been translated into English, Spanish and Bulgarian.

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