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Nuances is a transformative and elegant book, featuring sure-handed lines and vivid images rendered with delicate clarity. Manolis, a prolific poet, possesses a distinctly Mediterranean flavour, as would a poet schooled on Cavafy or Elytis, aromatic, tangy, like freshness of an olive grove in the morning. Nuances revels in the vitality of the sensuous motion of language on a sea of thought. The poems move in a transparent and openhearted gesture, subtle images intersecting with revealing philosophical meanings and benevolent meditations on the human condition. They provide insight into the mysterious act of writing iteself and, open to the moment of creation, Manolis discovers, within the foliage of one poem, the next poem.

His work must be credited for its sustained thoughtfulness, lyrical voice, and invitation to view life not as barren subject but as a complex dynamic that has its own extraordinary design and imago of truth.
Ilya Tourtidis

Manolis was born on the island of Crete in 1947. Educated in Greece with a degree in Political Sciences from the Panteion University in Athens, he later served in the armed forces for two years, and emigrated to Vancouver in 1973. After working as an iron worker, a train laborer, a taxi driver and a stock broker, he retired in 1998. He lives in White Rock where he spends his time traveling, gardening and writing. Late in 2006 he founded Libros Libertad Publishing Ltd., an unorthodox, independent publishing company with scope the publishing of literary books.

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ISBN 978-1-897430-51-4
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6 x 9
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