Jack Keguenne
translated by Antonio D'Alfonso

On Love

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What kindles a flame does not burn out.
Love gradually consumes what it finds.

Jack Keguenne is a Belgian poet. A ferociously independent spirit, he has written a dozen books published with aesth. éditions in Belgium. Notes sur l’amour (On Love), originally published in 2009, contains 421 entries. These apophthegms are not the usual self-help recipes one reads on birthday cards and in our dailies. Keguenne pushes the poetic image into the realm of philosophical inquiry. He establishes the chassis into which he screws a primary sentence. From there he erects a secondary phrase that contradicts or discards the first proposition. The ensuing contradiction creates a rift that quickens the unexpected resolution. Love is not easy. It does not come easy, and sometimes it does not come at all. But when love does appear lovers frequently break down in front of the warning signals cautioning them what can be done to keep love alive. Jack Keguenne designates the possibilities out of the rashness, the deadlock, the hurting. On Love is one of the best book on love I have read.
~ Antonio D’Alfonso

Jack Keguenne is a poet, novelist, essayist and visual artist. A literary and art critic, and the author of more than thirty books, he also worked as a librarian and was an art gallery owner. His artworks have been presented across the world in solo and group exhibits. He lives and works in Bruxelles.

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