Heather Spears

The Panum Poems

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The Panum Poems is a unique volume combining illustrations and poetry on the subject of the facial muscles that give each of us expression. The poems trace the same lines as the drawings do, and the drawings are poems that seek to communicate with a graphic and not a verbal line.

Heather Spears, Canadian writer and artist, has lived in Denmark since 1962. She has published 14 collections of poetry, 3 novels of speculative fiction (The Moonfall Trilogy) and one of creative non-fiction (The Flourish), and 3 books of drawings. The Creative Eye: drawing, vision and the brain, (2007 and [illustrated] 2012) is the first of a series on art and the brain. The second, Stranger than a Wolf, on constructing the head in clay, is forthcoming. Among her awards are the Lowther Memorial Award (3 times) and The Governor General’s Award for Poetry. She instructs and lectures about drawing and has drawn in courtrooms, war zones, concert halls, literary festivals and hospitals: she specializes in drawing premature and stillborn babies. She has exhibited widely in Europe and America.

ISBN 0-921215-93-2
62 Pages
6 x 9
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