Derek Robinson

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The Rising Vanish, Derek Robinson’s first book since Still in the Dreamtime in 2001, resonates with ‘…the Beauty, deeper than Fear.’ Robinson is a sensual and alive poet deeply grounded in the natural world but given to metaphysical speculation. For Robinson, poetry is penetration to depth of experience. His work takes faith in meaning as its foundation and employs a number of forms ranging from couplet, haiku, quatrain, ode and monologue to affirm it. His poetry sings, questions, pries, and seeks to penetrate reality through surprise or metaphysical wit, and mines the difficult soil of dailiness for the joy that accrues from it. The Rising Vanish is a selection from a considerable number of poems composed over the past few years.

For Derek Robinson meaning, though inscrutable, is a given. Poetry has provided the means whereby to celebrate, explore, dare and—perchance—penetrate reality, take life by the throat. A poet of exceptional sensitivity and depth, he was born in Vancouver but has lived on Vancouver Island since 1971. He moved to Victoria in 1980. His first book, Child, was published in 1975, followed by Twelve Poems. His work has appeared in a number of Canadian and International publications, including The Fiddlehead, Prism International, Wascana Review, Contemporary Verse II, Scrivener, Pierian Spring, Green’s Magazine and Outposts. He published The Inner Shore in 1985 in collaboration with Miles Lowry and Richard Olafson, and A Cloud Edifice and Still in the Dream Time with Ekstasis Editions. He currently lives on Knockan Hill.

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