Jim Christy

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Vancouver, Chinatown, 1936. While the bread lines get longer and the whole world goes crazy, wise-cracking gumshoe Gene Castle has his own worries. In Shanghai Alley, while on the trail of missing union funds, he goes fist to fist with corrupt cops, sleazy politicians and ruthless gangsters.

Jim Christy is a writer, artist and tireless traveller. The author of twenty books, including poetry, short stories, novels, travel and biography, Christy has been praised by writers as diverse as Charles Bukowski and Sparkle Hayter. His travels have taken him from the Yukon to the Amazon, Greenland to Cambodia. He has covered wars and exhibited his art internationally. Raised in inner-city Philadelphia, he moved to Toronto when he was twenty-three years old and became a Canadian citizen at the first opportunity. A resident of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast for many years, he currently resides in Toronto.

ISBN 1-896860-10-9
200 Pages
6 x 9
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