Maureen Thorpe

Tangle of Time

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When Annie Thornton, midwife and fledgling witch, falls through time to a 15th century Yorkshire village, she befriends Will and Jack, two soldiers returning from the French Wars. Annie discovers that a long-ago aunt, also a midwife and witch, has contrived the meeting to expose corruption in a troubled community. Intrigued by the mysterious disappearance of a local innkeeper, the three newcomers find that darkness lurks in the village shrouded by fear and long-held secrets. The powerful steward of the local manor appears a man with much to hide. To protect himself, he threatens to see Annie burned at the stake as a witch. Between falling in love, delivering babies medieval-style, learning about witchcraft and seeking a murderer, Annie finds that even magic and steadfast friends cannot keep her out of danger.

Tangle of Time is a rollicking romp through Yorkshire towns and moors, in contemporary and medieval times. Filled with engaging characters, this action-packed mystery both enlightens and entertains.

Tangle of Time transports the reader back into medieval Yorkshire, along with the time-travelling heroine Annie. There she meets two handsome soldiers of fortune, a black cat who can read her mind, and an aunt who also happens to be a fellow witch! They share Annie’s adventures as she struggles to solve a murder mystery, while trying to stay alive long enough to return to the present. If you enjoyed Outlander, you’ll love this novel by Maureen Thorpe, the first in a new series.”
~ Elinor Florence, Author of Bird’s Eye View, and Wildwood

Maureen Thorpe was raised in Yorkshire and now lives in Invermere, B.C. After a career as a nurse, yoga instructor and running coach, Maureen started writing fiction, drawing upon her background and interest in history. Tangle of Time is her first novel.


ISBN 978-1-77171-305-4
306 pages
5.5 x 8.5
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