Wendy Morton

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Wendy Morton, private investigator and WestJet’s ‘Poet of the Skies’ goes Undercover in her second collection of poetry, to capture the insights and events of life with clarity and effervesence. These are lyric poems that laugh, grieve, dance and sing – always addressing the joy that lies under the cover of everyday life. In her first poetry collection Private Eye, Wendy Morton used the metaphor of poet as private investigator to study the inner meaning behind the facade of reality. In this new collection she continues to offer, with startling economy and directness, a vision of her “treacherous, golden world.”

Poet Wendy Morton was featured on CBC radio’s This Morning and has been widely noted as WestJet’s ‘Poet of the Skies.’ In this role she read poetry in aid of literacy in schools across Canada, and also read poems on airplanes, even composing instant poems for passengers. Wendy lives outside of Sooke on Vancouver Island and hosts the Mocambopo Reading Series in Victoria, BC. She works as a private investigator.

ISBN 1-894800-21-4
70 pages
6 x 9
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