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Nature in its beauty and dynamism is a fragile system that could be lost to us – though it will continue in some form without us. ‘Uninterrupted’ nature was once our home and identity, one that we looked to for meaning and solace, a world larger than ourselves – but lately we seem to have forgotten our place in the cosmos. These poems of warning evoke terror in recognition of what could be our future. Yet they are written out of love for what could be lost and they search for what may be wrong in ourselves.

These poems of gillian harding-russell reward the reader with panoramic images of the natural/unnatural world. Her description is almost visionary in its exactness, with questions (challenging, incisive, puzzled, unanswerable) valid as ways to begin and sometimes end. We ache with her awareness of what she has “always done, rushing here and now there / along well-oiled ruts, a fellow flash of teeth / reaching into my heart when all I want / is a logical, an easier, way out.” Yet her desire for hope manages to carry the poems beyond the idea of our evident destruction of the planet, and her irony and humour personalize (and universalize) the sometimes sad depictions of us and Earth. And let’s not forget the love of foxes, just one example of the intimacy gillian’s poems create with the earth and its creatures, including ourselves.
~ David Zieroth, author of the bridge from day to night

Regina poet, editor and reviewer gillian harding-russell has published in journals across Canada and her poems have been anthologized in seventeen collections. Her recent poetry collection, In Another Air (Radiant 2018), was shortlisted for a City of Regina Saskatchewan Book Award. Her work has been shortlisted or has won the Thomas Morton Award, gritLIT and Exile’s Gwendolyn MacEwen chapbook competitions. She received a Ph.D. from the University of Saskatchewan, completing her dissertation on postmodern Canadian poetry. Uninterrupted is her fifth poetry collection.

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