Allan Graubard

Western Terrace

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Always in Allan Graubard’s work there is the dreamer dreaming that he is dreamed by the dreamer, eyes wide open, seeing, yes, but also stripping through the layers that make up our existence, here and now, dark and luminous, dreamt and waking. Graubard’s gaze is piercing, it cuts through to the core, as the beings and things, both historical and experienced, that constitute his cosmology acquire movement, rhythm, sound and light, in anticipation of le grand jeu: Through these pages, at once lucid and enigmatic, Graubard ensures that his is a performance in which we are engaged participants and dazzled spectators.
     ~ Beatriz Hausner, author of Sew Him Up

With art by Gregg Simpson.

Allan Graubard’s poems, fiction, literary criticism and theater works are published and performed in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Chile, U.K., and the E.U., with translation into numerous languages. As reader, guest artist and speaker, he has appeared in the U.S.(New York, Washington D.C., New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boulder); Canada (Toronto and Montreal); U.K. (London and Oxford); France (Paris); Portugal (Coimbra); Croatia (Dubrovnik and Hvar); and Bosnia Herzegovina (Sarajevo).
His books include: A Crescent by Any Other Name, (Anon Editions, NY/LA, 2017); Sirenes (Phasm Press, NY, 2016); Targets (Anon Editions, NY/LA, 2013); And tell tulip the summer (Quattro Editions, Toronto, 2011); Roma Amor (Spuyten Duyvil Press, NY, 2010); Ascent of Sublime Love (MDS Editions, SF, 1986), and others. Of his theater works, there are: Erotic Eulogy and Modette (collaborations with composer-conductor Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris); Woman Bomb/Sade; For Alejandra; Lache pas la patate, and others.
As editor and contributing author, he has collaborated on many publications, including: Into the Mylar Chamber: Ira Cohen (Fulgur, U.K., 2019); The Art of Conduction: Conduction Workbook, Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris (Karma Editions, NY, 2017); Ghérasim Luca: Centenary Issue (Hyperion, Contra Mundum Press, 2011); the expansive, two-volume Invisible Heads: Surrealists in North America – An Untold Story (Anon editions, NY/LA, 2011/2015), and others.

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