Annick Perrot-Bishop
translated by Neil Bishop

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In Woman Arborescent four songs evolve, progressing from the sufferings born of a child’s love and love lost to a young woman’s liberating rebirth, from the torments of girlhood to its integration in a flourishing adult, from the intimacy of dream to the passionate vibrancy of life. Sensual, expressive images lead us into symbolic worlds rich with the pains and joys of being; where magic mingles with the voices of trees, water and wind.

Annick Perrot-Bishop was born in Vietnam where she spent the first years of her childhood. After having lived in France, she came to Canada in 1982. Woman Arborescent is her fourth book. She lives in Saint-Jean de Terre-Neuve, Newfoundland.

ISBN 1-894800-61-3
74 Pages
6 x 9
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