Ludwig Zeller
Translated by A.F Moritz
and Jean Antonin Billard
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Woman in Dream is Ludwig Zeller’s classic tribute to a woman, to all women, to the feminine itself as source of being. It is a poem drunk alternately with wonder and terror, and always with erotic fury. Unique in its surreal and baroque explosion of interrelated images, Woman in Dream is at once a lyrical hymn and a condensed epic in the modern tradition of such authors as Rimbaud, Mallarmé, Eliot, and Holan. This trilingual edition includes the original Spanish text, written in 1972, and two new translations, in French by Jean Antonin Billard and in English by A. F. Moritz, as well as an introduction by Anna Balakian.

Ludwig Zeller is a Canadian surrealist poet, originally from Chile, who now lives in Mexico.

ISBN 1-894800-52-4
94 Pages
6 x 9
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